Customs and traditions

The Spirit of Reaal

Despite the fact that the school has had many different names, many traditions have been kept alive and passed on from generation to generation. Our school has its own symbols: the school flag, the badge, the school ring and the black student cap with a golden band around the edge. We also have our own anthem. The lyrics were written by Ilmar Mikiver, who graduated the school in 1940.

Mr. Paul Ederberg, a physics teacher, was the founder of the so-called “Pudi file”. “Pudi” was the nickname of the said teacher. It is a special way of walking to and from the school events. Pupils stride in a single file, holding their hands behind their backs.

The school’s motto is “One for all and all for one!” Through decades certain ceremonial rituals have been followed, for example, the school’s birthday celebration (all pupils), the ring ceremony (Form 11 pupils), the badge ceremony (Form 12 pupils) and the last school bell ceremony (Form 12 pupils).

The school’s birthday celebration

Every year on September 29 our school celebrates its birthday. On that day all the students and teachers gather to the stadium to eat a birthday cake together.

Ring Party

Ring party is a traditional occasion (started in 1942) that takes place outside the schoolhouse and is organised by the pupils who receive school rings. The main ritual is the redemption of the rings that is followed by the call “One for all and all for one!” Form masters and mistresses conduct the redemption process. The rings will be placed on a rapier and the oath to remain faithful to the principles of the school will be taken.

School Badge Party

In the autumn of their last school year, soon-to-be graduates and the teachers selected by them receive their school badges. The badge ceremony, led by a host and a hostess, takes place in the evening. All senior class members attend the dance. At 9PM the graduates sing the younger students out of the school with this little verse “Out, out of the schoolhouse, it’s bedtime for those, who haven’t got their badges on”. After younger students have left, badges are redeemed according to a certain ritual.

The Final Bell – Graduation Ceremony

On the last day of school all the graduates come to school wearing national costumes. A festive meeting takes place and culminates in singing “The Leaving Song”. In the afternoon all pupils from final grades gather at the Open Air Museum to celebrate it.