Tallinn Secondary School of Science

Tallinn Secondary School of Science (Tallinna Reaalkool) is situated right in the center of the city of Tallinn, between the historic Old Town of Tallinn and modern Tallinn. It can also be transferred to the atmosphere of the school. Tallinna Reaalkool has a rich and vivid history. Our pupils have the possibility of studying in a historical building from the 19th century in which the learning environment has been modernised. Tallinna Reaalkool is open to change and innovation and at the same time holds its traditions in very high esteem. This results in the unique atmosphere of the school. Close to 1000 pupils between the ages 7−19 study at Tallinna Reaalkool. The number of teachers is around 75. In addition to full-time teachers, lecturers and researchers from universities and other educational institutions teach courses at the school.

Tallinna Reaalkool is proud of its academic traditions and the main focus of the school is on academic studies. The curriculum of the school is science-oriented: all pupils study extensive mathematics and additional courses in physics, biology, chemistry and geography. Upper secondary school pupils choose between four fields of study: programming, technology, economics and medicine. Taking part in different national and international programs and competitions is an integral part of the daily school life at Tallinna Reaalkool.

Great number of our pupils participate in regional and national olympiads in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, ICT and other subjects. The dedication, hard work, good co-operation skills and talent of our pupils has taken a number of them to international olympiads. During the past years approximately 1/3 of the members of the Estonian delegations to these competitions have been from Tallinna Reaalkool and they have usually returned with good result, bringing home numerous gold, silver and bronze medals.

Besides academic studies both sports and music plays an important role in our shcools every-day life. Tallinna Reaalkool has always been among the very top schools at various sports competitions organised for schools in Tallinn. Also the music life at Tallinna Reaalkool is very active with having a mixed choir, children’s choir, elementary school choir and different ensembles. Their performances accompany festive gatherings and concerts for students, teachers, parents and alumni and our choirs have won many prestigious awards in different choral competitions all over the world.