Tallinn Secondary School of Science was founded in 1881. Our school can look back on its history of more than 135 years, which makes it one of the oldest schools in the capital of Estonia. Our aim has always been to provide good education, especially in the fields of science and technology, but not to the neglect of the humanities, sports and music.

Lessons are held in two separate buildings: junior forms are taught in the small building and senior forms in the main building. The historical main building (built in 1884) was the first building constructed and built as a schoolhouse in Estonia. A brief historical outline of the school is as follows.

1881-1917 The Russian period

The school was founded in 1881 and the main building was constructed in 1884. The emphasis of the curriculum was on science-related subjects from the very beginning. Boys of German, Russian, Estonian, Jewish and Polish descent studied in the school. At first the language of instruction was German, in 1890 it was changed to Russian.


The Realists, as they were called, played an active role in Estonia’s gaining its independence. Student-soldiers joined the War of Independence voluntarily. Estonian became the language of instruction.

1920-1940 The Estonian period

Traditions were formed and symbols designed. In 1927 a memorial, or the Boy as it came to be known, was erected in the honour of the teachers and students who had perished in the War of Independence.


During World War Two, Soviet and German occupations alternated in Estonia. Major changes were conducted in the school programme and in school life. Symbols were destroyed, traditions banned. Teachers and students alike were arrested, deported and mobilized.

1944-1991 The Soviet period

The school was renamed Tallinn Secondary School No. 2. In 1954 the originally all-boys school became a mixed school. A new building for elementary school was finished in 1958. At the end the Soviet period, former traditions and symbols were restored. In 1990 the school was renamed Tallinn Secondary School of Science.


In the period after Estonia’s regaining independence, the school continues to promote science education. Students have been successful in numerous national and international competitions and contests.