Aadress: Estonia pst. 6 Tallinn 10148
Valvelaud: 699 2023
Sekretär: 699 2026
I kl: 699 2027 (väike maja)
II - IV kl: 614 0074 (Pärnu mnt maja)
V - XII klass: 699 2025
E-post: real@real.edu.ee


Tallinn Secondary School of Science was founded in 1881. Our school can look back on its history of more than 135 years, which makes it one of the oldest schools in the capital of Estonia. Our aim has always been to provide good education, especially in the fields of science and technology, but not to the neglect of the humanities, sports and music.

Lessons are held in two separate buildings: junior forms are taught in the small building and senior forms in the main building. The historical main building (built in 1884) was the first building constructed and built as a schoolhouse in Estonia. A brief historical outline of the school is as follows.

1881   Tallinn Peter’s School of Science (Petri-Realschule zu Reval) for boys is founded.
1881–1890   The official language of instruction is German.
1884   The historical main building is built.
1890   The school is named Revalskoye Petrovskoye Realnoye Utchilishche.
1890–1917   The official language of instruction is Russian.
1918   Estonian becomes the official language of instruction.
1954   The school becomes a mixed school.
1982      The last school bell is celebrated in national costumes for the first time.  
1997     The first issue of the school paper “Reaali Poiss” (The Boy of Reaal) is printed.  
2000     The renovated main building is re-opened.  

2016-today 965 pupils study at Tallinn Secondary School of Science